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Notice on setting up a volunteer team of "Love Charity Alliance"

Various departments / workshops in Gaibei plant area:

In accordance with the notice of the management committee of the Shangyu Economic and Technological Development Zone, in order to better promote the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation in helping the poor and helping others, and give full play to the role of the association's "philanthropy alliance," enhance the volunteer service awareness and Social responsibility awareness, so that more people become beneficiaries of the "Love Charity Alliance". The park designated the Kanglong Dabei Plant to form a volunteer team of "Love Charity Alliance" this year.

I. Scope and number:

The dipping production department and administrative staff (including 12 people in the butadiene milk workshop, 6 in the PU workshop, and 2 in the administrative department) are recommended to be new residents in principle.

2. Contents of Volunteer Team of "Love Charity Alliance"

1. Carry out river cleaning activities: including river cleaning, garbage collection on the river bank, etc.

2. Caring and supporting activities: including visits to orphanages, homes for the elderly, children with intellectual disabilities, orphanages, seriously ill patients, and employees in difficulties;

3. Carry out service activities for the convenience of the people: including voluntary home appliance repairs, health free consultations, policy consultations, technical guidance, etc .;

4. Carry out public welfare and advisory activities such as environmental protection publicity and legal consultation to promote low-carbon life;

5. Carry out public service activities: including security patrols, maintenance of public facilities, publicity of policy knowledge, mediation of contradictions and disputes, etc .;

6. Carry out student aid and teaching activities: participate in summer safety education for children of new residents, organize participation in cultural performances, etc .;

7. Carry out other volunteer service activities.

3. Form of activity

Volunteer service operations are organized on a regular basis using the principle of combining centralized activities with detachment activities.

In order to increase the enthusiasm of volunteers, outstanding volunteer service branches and top ten volunteers are selected and rewarded and commended each year according to the statistics of the activities.

It is hoped that all departments / workshops will actively participate and launch widely. The list of volunteers will be reported to the General Manager Chen Fangmin before leaving work on April 2.