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Notice on the Collection and Selection of "Good Family Style and Good Family Training"

In order to carry forward the excellent tradition of the Chinese nation, guide the masses and families to inherit goodness, consciously practice and inherit good family practices and family training, and actively cooperate with the District Women's Federation to do a "good family culture and good family training" solicitation and selection activity. The notification is as follows:

I. Theme

   Sun-style family training, telling stories

Solicitation Content

Mainly focuses on filial piety, faithfulness, worship, goodwill, diligence, inspiration, and cultivation in family education.


Through the excavation of good family style and family training, it shows the good family education environment of the majority of families, guides the majority of parents to focus on their own cultivation, cultivate excellent family style, and help children develop good moral qualities and behavior habits.

All departments / workshops should regard this solicitation as an important content created by civilized units, carefully organize, dig deep, and actively select and send out excellent family style and homework works, and put homework and family rules that are distinctive, good, and easy to chant. Collect them and recommend them. Submission deadline: October 31, 2018.