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Technical advantages

The company's  product  categories are mainly cutting-resistant gloves, impact-resistant gloves, chemical-resistant gloves, anti-static gloves, heat-resistant cold-resistant gloves, wear-resistant gloves and other functional labor protection gloves.

What's the preponderance
KLD can service?

The company is advantageous in complete kinds of stitches and rubber coatings. According to different requirements for protective function and level of protection, the company has developed over a hundred products including four classes and over thirty series. As one of the manufacturers with the most complete product specifications in China, it can meet various demands of customers andprovide one-stop purchase service of protective gloves.


Independent research and development of high strength and high modulus polyethylene fiber

According to market demand, we have formed a complete solution for TUFFALENE, SILVERSILK, and GOLDSILK, and have applied for international patents.

Complete solution
Complete solution

Providing a full range of products with different dipping materials such as PU, natural latex, butyronitrile, and different dipping styles, and continuously reducing the environmental impact during the production process through innovative technologies is our commitment to customers and also to society.

Internationalized product research and development team and first-class quality control system, and established a world-class laboratory and testing equipment that meets relevant European and American safety standards to ensure that products strictly meet relevant requirements.