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Announcement on Carrying Out Excellent Student Aid for "Hangzhou Bay Harmony Fund"

Development department / workshop:

   In order to give full play to the positive energy of the "Harmony Fund" of the Association, to help outstanding college students of families with difficult employees to realize their dreams of studying, and to further create a good social trend of dedication, love, mutual assistance, and progress, after research, it was decided to launch excellent college student aid activities in the company. The relevant matters are notified as follows:

I. Grantees

For the children of needy employees in the development zone, they graduated from high school in 2018 and were admitted to undergraduate colleges in that year (except for uniformly recruited self-financed students and privately-run schools for self-financed students), all of the following conditions must be met:

1. Candidates who have scored more than two lines in the college entrance examination this year, and have been accepted by two institutions, have a good character, are sincere, and have a strong desire for knowledge;

2. Candidates must be children of employees in the development zone. Their father (mother) has signed a labor contract with the enterprise, social security payment has been made for more than one year, and their parents have not violated family planning;

3. The per capita income of the family is slightly higher than the minimum living security marginal households;

4. The student or the parents of the student caused temporary financial difficulties in the family due to serious illness;

5. Students whose families are impoverished due to sudden disasters;

Funding methods and requirements

1. Funding methods

The annual tuition fee is 6,000 yuan until the end of school. During the period when the aided students violated the school rules and disciplines, and were notified by the whole school that the above-mentioned sanctions (including notification criticism), continuous linking subjects (2 subjects and above), and rebuilding occurred, they will be disqualified and the funding will be stopped.

2. Funding requirements

In order to better and more effectively carry out excellent college student aid activities, the Office of the Charity Alliance must do a good job in establishing the archives of the aided college students, strengthen communication, conduct interviews, and pay attention to the learning and living conditions of the aided college students in a timely manner. Solve practical difficulties; meanwhile, aided college students should strengthen communication, overcome difficulties, and study hard. To this end, the outstanding outstanding college students should:

(1) Feedback the academic performance of each semester on time;

(2) Fill out the report card of outstanding college students truthfully every semester;

(3) During the winter and summer vacations, consciously participate in various volunteer activities organized by the "Love Charity Alliance";

(4) Concerned about the development of development zones and enterprises.

  All departments / workshops are required to check the requirements of the documents, and based on the principles of not being heavy, good, and not leaking, do a good job of investigating the college entrance examination candidates in difficult families in this department / workshop, and report eligible students to the Human Resources Department before July 23. At the office of Chen Fangmin, relevant supporting certification materials are attached (see Appendix 3 for details). Failure to report is considered abandonment, please tell each other!